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In The Pursuit is a carefully curated selection of works that reflect the creative minds behind them. As an expressive studio of storytellers, we give a narrative to bespoke makers and brands that is realized through an online shop, virtual magazine and thoughtful pop-up collectives.

Having spent more than a decade as design and lifestyle editors, we’ve become well-versed in the art of research and getting to the bottom of any story. We’ve traveled the world to uncover our scoops, and along the way, we’ve discovered some pretty inspiring talents, and we simply can’t keep them to ourselves any longer. In The Pursuit is a celebration of these finds.

Created as a digital lifestyle platform, In The Pursuit shares the following categories of interest: Design + Textiles, Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty, Travel, Garden, Food + Drink, Art, and Books + Publications. Through a virtual shop and magazine, In The Pursuit is the resource for artisan-made products. We have procured an ever-evolving and growing list of artisans and brands spanning everything from coffee and jewelry, to bespoke hatters, painters, furnishings, and even artisanal soaps. And, we are creating custom editorials centered around each maker.

In addition to our vast reach online, we’re also taking our concept to a grassroots level by bringing pop-up collectives to Main Street USA, which will provide targeted exposure in local regions. First up, Nantucket in SUMMER 2018.

Behind every shoppable product, there’s a story waiting to be told about the maker and the artistic process, but not everyone tells that story. That’s where we come in. We believe in bringing creatives together and introducing them to an audience that will truly appreciate their craft. Because we value artisans, because we’re passionate about design in all its forms, and because we’re always in pursuit of being inspired.

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