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Fading tree Peonies alison engstrom photography art dwell in the pursuit

Bloom Series | Fading Tree Peonies

By: Rose & Ivy Journal


ALISON ENGSTROM | Stylist, Photographer, Writer & Creative Director

Based in Brooklyn, New York, magazines have always been in Alison Engstrom’s blood. From the very first discovery of her mother’s Vogue magazines she was entranced.  Her love for fashion and design prompted her to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree from The College of Charleston in Art History, in addition to studies in Paris at The American University of Paris and The Sorbonne.  Years later, her career twisted and turned in the beauty industry, but her passion for print never faded, nor did her growing magazine collection.  Her love for photography, styling, food and beautiful objects merged into one with ROSE & IVY.  When she isn’t behind her camera, scouting for beautiful things or in the kitchen, she loves sipping endless amounts of coffee at her favorite Brooklyn coffee shops, spending time with her husband and dog and traveling abroad.

Details: Unframed 11×14

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