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By: Kara Aleece


“I didn’t plan this piece. I just started to paint. I painted many layers and took my time. Oil dries very, very slowly. I wanted a feeling of soft, peaceful goodness, and that takes time, but it’s worth the wait,” muses the artist. Evolving from layers and scrubbed paint, artist Kara Aleece used a pallet knife and an array of colors and tones to create dimension. Here, color creates a rich feeling of rest aimed to soothe your nerves and ease anxiety. “There is so much healing in this painting,” explains the artist. “I hope for those who take it in, it gives the same sense of peace I had while creating it.”

Details: Size: 12×12 // Medium: Oil on Canvas // Made in Montana with Love

Additional Details

Kara Aleece studied Fine Art Painting and Fine Art Printmaking at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, CA. The Montana-native defers to experimentation through varied mark-making techniques and creative mediums within her body of work. Her expertise lies in her innate ability to create soothing, layered pieces that entice further study and delight in the details and nuances of discovery. Kara’s printmaking and ink drawings speak directly to emotional anxiety and the overwhelming affliction set upon those who suffer from this distress. The artist intends to shine a light on mental illness and the chaotic nature that prevails in the mind by offering a moment of solace and respite through her calming and compelling paintings. Ethereal by design, her paintings range in subject matter revealing a combination of still life, portraits, abstracts and landscapes.

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