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We really hate to be the ones to tell you this, but planet Earth is in the middle of a global pandemic. We were shocked too. But, we are happy to say that, for the most part, our ITP friends are still producing their wares and appreciate your support of their small businesses (us too). Please note, though, that the chaos caused by COVID-19 may delay shipment of your orders. Be safe!

Archaic Modern Pendant Small

By: Brave Matter

Archaic Modern Light is a collection of luminaires inspired by materials, archetypes and technologies from the remote past; produced in an amalgam of ceramic, salt and brass. A petite downlight with a terraced clay surface and soft ambient glow. A hefty brass disc provides a sturdy platform and junction between ceramic and salt. The partially-enclosed shade base captures light, redirecting it upward into the variegated salt bead above, lending warmth to the arduous task light below.

A/M Glaze Palette // Shades are cast in mineral-rich clay and adorned with mica-laden glazes producing soft glimmering and time-worn surfaces—developed to emphasize an interdependence between minerals in the clay and glaze. This carefully chosen palette adapts to any environment.

Details: Made to order // Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


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