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5 organic extra virgin olive oil greece in the pursuit cooking
5 organic extra virgin olive oil greece in the pursuit cooking

Five Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By: Five Olive Oil


Organic gourmet olive oil of high quality from greece. It is obtained directly from hand-picked, sustainably grown and organic olives. five organic is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27 degrees celsius), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used at any stage of production. five organic consists of koroneiki variety (100%) and has a fruity, intact flavor and superb color, maintaining all the valuable components of natural olive juice.

Region of olive cultivars and production: finiki lakonias, greece | olive variety: koroneiki (100%) | organoleptic: fruity flavor, superb color and aroma | acidity: 0,2-0,5%

Note: store in a cool, dark place | shelf life (minimum): 24 months from production | 500ml | 16.9 fl oz

organic product certified according to EU 834/2007, EK 889/2008

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