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Owls Brew tea mixer citrus sweet tea in the pursuit

Citrus Sweet Tea: Tea Crafted for Cocktails

By: Owl's Brew


A craft cocktail mixer made from fresh-brewed organic English Breakfast tea, lemon peel, and lime juice.

The idea was initially brewed together by Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield upon visiting La Croix restaurant in Philadelphia. Enchanted by the different melodies of fragrant teas, the two women realized how tea could be introduced to cocktails in a way that no mixologist could have concocted on their own. Ripps and Littlefield created several different cocktail mixers that are brewed fresh from organic ingredients like Hibiscus, Chai and Green Tea. So what is the flavor profile of these pre-brewed bottled teas like, you may ask? Let’s just say if the Long Island Iced Tea were personified, Owl’s Brew would be her uber-chic cousin who went to Princeton and has never owned a pair of Ugg Boots. Their mixers can pair well with any of your favorite liquors, which we give two thumbs up (or two pinkies up). Please drink responsibly, and with class.

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Try Citrus Sweet Tea with Vodka, Gin, Tequila or Whiskey!

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