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We really hate to be the ones to tell you this, but planet Earth is in the middle of a global pandemic. We were shocked too. But, we are happy to say that, for the most part, our ITP friends are still producing their wares and appreciate your support of their small businesses (us too). Please note, though, that the chaos caused by COVID-19 may delay shipment of your orders. Be safe!
Five Extra Virgin Olive Oil Greece In The Pursuit Cooking

Five Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By: Five Olive Oil


Gourmet extra virgin olive oil of high quality from greece. 5 extra virgin is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27 degrees celsius), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. The production method, the region and the varietal blend of olive cultivars result in an olive oil of fruity, spicy flavor and subtle aroma. Its acidity will not exceed 0.6% during its shelf life.

region of olive cultivars and production: finiki lakonias, greece | olive variety: koroneiki (>70%), Athinolia (10-30%) | Organoleptic: Fruity and rather spicy flavor | Acidity: 0,2-0,6%

note: store in cool, dark place | shelf life (minimum): 24 months from production | 500ml | 16.9 fl oz

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