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We really hate to be the ones to tell you this, but planet Earth is in the middle of a global pandemic. We were shocked too. But, we are happy to say that, for the most part, our ITP friends are still producing their wares and appreciate your support of their small businesses (us too). Please note, though, that the chaos caused by COVID-19 may delay shipment of your orders. Be safe!

The Honey Sampler Set

By: Kolossos


Try each of the Kolossos Life premium Greek honeys with this set! Each honey was made with its own blend of regional botanicals from different areas of Crete (Greece’s largest island) giving each honey a rich, smooth, and delicious flavor.

Details: Included in this set: Coastal Honey, Mountain Honey, Toplou Organic Gold Thyme Honey, Toplou Organic Pine Honey

Additional Details

Cretan Coastal Honey

Aromatic and rich honey, naturally produced in a delightfully warm and dry climate. Filled with thyme, malotira, sage and pine trees. Collected from the seaside shores of Eastern Crete, a region known for its dense and fragrant flora.

Cretan Mountain Honey

Delicious and smooth honey, naturally created from a blend of mountain botanicals and pine. Sourced from the mountains of Eastern Crete, a naturally pure environment, home to plentiful rare endemic plants.

Toplou Organic Gold Thyme Honey

Gold thyme honey, organically produced from fragrant thyme and wild aromatic plants. Naturally sourced from the coastal region of Toplou Monastery in Sitia, Crete. The combination of rich soil and microclimate results in exceptionally high-quality honey.

Toplou Organic Pine Honey

Sensorial pine honey, made of the highest quality flavors with a superior taste. Gathered from the Selakano Pine Forest in Crete– one of the most prestigious and beautiful ecosystems of the island and the entire Mediterranean.


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