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We really hate to be the ones to tell you this, but planet Earth is in the middle of a global pandemic. We were shocked too. But, we are happy to say that, for the most part, our ITP friends are still producing their wares and appreciate your support of their small businesses (us too). Please note, though, that the chaos caused by COVID-19 may delay shipment of your orders. Be safe!

Balanced Encounter Set

By: Váhy


Experience an array of natural scents created by the Váhy team in Melbourne, Australia. Váhy—meaning balance—employs natural and organic ingredients in each and every perfume. Centered around an ethos of creating premium and bespoke natural products with honest composition and transparent practices, Váhy’s sample set provides an opportunity to experiment with each genderless scent.

Details: Parfum Spray 3ml x 6 scents | Six scents featuring a base of organic cane alcohol.

Additional Details

PARFUMS Include:

Desert Nōmad Vanilla — Sandalwood — Tropical

Isle of Blanc Marine — Patchouli — Citrus

Midníght Ruze Rose — Peppercorn — Vetiver

Luna Bergamot — Ylang Ylang — Patchouli

Bohème Geranium — Cedarwood — Petitgrain

Dusk Amour Ginger — Citrus — Cardamom

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