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Restoring Hair Oil
May11 Hair Oil Founder, Creator

Blonde Restoring Hair Oil | 60 ML

By: May 11


Restorative treatment for color-treated blonde and bleached hair made with 100% Organic, Pure, Vegan Oils.

A deep conditioning, lightweight formula made with key ingredients Rice Bran Oil and Kiwi Oil. The fast-absorbing blend efficiently works to moisturize, rehydrate, and strengthen color-treated hair from the inside out. Furthermore, castor oil’s natural sealing properties ensure long lasting protection, reducing split ends, hair breakage, and improving color vibrancy. Used as a pre-shampoo treatment, prevents hair from turning brassy.

Romina Manenti, Founder & Creator

Romina’s mission was clear: Create organic products to support healthy hair growth for everyone. Already living in America, and embracing the modernization of the fashion industry in the digital world, she was in the best place possible to succeed. In 2017 she launched MAY11 Revitalizing Hair Oil, and in December of 2019, she received the U.S. Patent for her unique formula.

Additional Details

Restore strength and softness, Prevents hair breakage, Improves color brightness, Restored, softer and brighter hair from roots to tip

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