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Vitalizing Soap Bar Set

By: Kolossos


Treat your skin with this set of 5 luxury soap bars. Each soap bar is made with natural and organic ingredients that are meant to nourish and moisturize your skin while gently cleansing. Each is a triple milled vegetable soap that you are sure to love.

Details: Set contains the following soap bars: Mystic Sandalwood & Zeolite Clay, Mystic Charcoal & Cedar, Nostos Lemon Flower & Olive Oil, Nostos Fugere, and Fresco Aloe & Cucumber Extract

Additional Details

Mystic Sandalwood & Zeolite Clay

Made with sandalwood oil & organic shea butter. This soap has a woody and sweet fragrance that will subtly scent the skin while the zeolite absorbs toxins and environmental debris from your skin.

Mystic Charcoal & Cedar

Made with organic cocoa butter, grape seed oil, activated bamboo charcoal & cedarwood to deliver the dramatic fragrance of this soap.

Nostos Lemon Flower & Olive Oil

The treasure of Greece, olive oil, meets lemon flower in this moisturizing soap. The delicate fragrance of lemon blossom scents your skin smoothly.

Fresco Aloe & Cucumber Extract

Made with moisturizing aloe vera & vitalizing green clay from the gardens in Crete. Its refreshing fragrance will subtly scent the skin.

Nostos Fougere

Made with shea butter, argile & rice bran oil. It’s woody and floral fragrance will subtly scent the skin.

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