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Anna Coin Pendant Neckpiece haati chai jewelry fashion in the pursuit
Anna Coin Pendant Neckpiece haati chai jewelry fashion in the pursuit

Anna Coin Pendant Neckpiece

By: Haati Chai


In celebration of Stella’s grandmother’s life, Anowara. The Anna coin is the currency  in India at the time that Anowara was born,1935. Add the Anna coin pendant to any of your favorite chains. By hand-selecting high-quality, conflict-free materials and honoring the experience of third-generation jewelers in Los Angeles, each Haati Chai Jewelry piece is meticulously handmade to not only be worn now but years to come.

Details: Sold as a single pendant in 18k yellow gold | 2 weeks lead time

Care: In a large bowl, mix 2 parts dish soap and 10 parts warm water. Soak jewelry for 3 hours, then gently scrub with a soft, clean toothbrush. Rinse in hot water.

Additional Details

Every piece from Haati Chai Jewelry is handmade in Los Angeles. What does this mean to you? This means that we are 100% in control of our supply chain from our in-house manufacturing, as well as partnering with some of the best manufacturers, jewelers, setters, and locally sourced stones possible. We firmly believe in a healthy working environment, and creating opportunities that best benefits our local artists.

We are completely committed to design with intention. We strive to deliver effortless style without compromising quality. We firmly believe in utilizing skilled jewelry skills but with a modern and contemporary twist. Unlike mass produced jewelry, we see value past just a piece you wear, but the artisan and skill required behind the piece.

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